ThirdLove accurately measures your bra size with selfies

ThirdLove bra-sizing app

ThirdLove bra-sizing app

Women have been told their bra size changes through time and most of the time they don’t get it right. One startup wants the female population to make bra sizing as simple as taking some selfies. Yes, that’s how this app works.

ThirdLove, a startup that deals with ladies undergarments, has developed an app that measures bra sizes by taking just two selfies, one in the front and another at the side. The company claims its app calculates a personalized size so users can purchase bras that fit them perfectly, which ThirdLove has a lot in store with prices ranging from $45 to $70. That’s just for the bras; matching panties are sold separately.

Here’s a bit of a concern, though: those selfies are stored in the company’s “secure database”, but those servers can only be secured to an extent right? In that case, users who are skeptical about ThirdLove’s “secure database” can follow the company’s wardrobe suggestions before taking those selfies. They are advised to put on the “most supportive underwire bra” and an optional a tank top over the bra.

ThirdLove bra-sizing app

The ThirdLove apps uses “computer vision algorithms” and you’d be able to see accrate results within five minutes. In fact, so accurate the app has its own bra size range. Instead of providing the traditional 34A to 42DDD size range, the app also has a label for half-sizes, so you might end up with “TL165”.

This is not the first time a mobile app provides bra sizes, most prominently Brayola, but some of these apps would require whipping a measuring tape out to size your bra area.

The ThirdLove app is now available on the Apple App Store, but you need to register your phone number on the company’s website to get the link.

Source: NBC News

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