These Clothes Are Fun to Wear at the American Airports

With these airport security checks in the United States that have been criticized for being too overreaching, Expect some people to come up with the most brilliant of ideas that would enable travelers to avoid being patted down or having his or her naked body exposed to the public, no thanks to those body scanners.

First, there is this line of underwear that features a fig leaf in the front that supposedly blocks the radiation from body scanners. The result would be a scanned image of you with a leaf “covering” your genitals. Although it could turn your image like that or a Renaissance painting, it is unsure whether you would be spared from second–or even third–screening.

Another piece of dissenting wear is these shirts and underwear with the Fourth Amendment printed on it using a type of metallic dye. This would enable the print to show up during body scans.

The Fourth Amendment wear is now available on Etsy, with shirts priced at US$30. Meanwhile, the Men’s Privacy Radiation Blocker is available in briefs and boxers, which costs $19.84 (1984, get it?). It also comes in a 3-pack boxers set in red, white, and blue, for only $49.

Source: CNET and Reddit, via CrunchGear

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