ThermalTake HDD Docking Station

ThermalTake Docking Station

The ThermalTake HDD Docking Station is a unique gadget to have for those who can’t just get enough of trying to access multiple hard drives from a multitude of computers. Instead of internally connecting your hard drives from one PC to the next in order to access important files, you can have your hard drives connected to another computer via the ThermalTake HDD Docking Station.

The ThermalTake HDD Docking Station can hold SATA 1 and SATA 2 hard drives in either the 2.5 inch or the 3.5 inch versions. The docking station can be connected to a PC via an eSATA or USB port and can handle data transfer rates for up to 480 Mbps.

The ThermalTake HDD Docking Station also features Hot Swap Capability to allow rapid access and exchange data to multiple hard drives. Its compact design also allows for better heat dissipation and exhaust. A silicon cover is also included with the device to protect the hard drives that are being plugged into the docking station.

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