Thermaltake GOrb II

One way to keep your laptop running efficiently is if you try to keep it cool longer. As your laptop heats up, its performance somehow is affected and so does your continuing experience. One way to maintain its cool temperature for peak efficiency is by using additional coolers to provide the laptop with added air intake to take away the heat. If you want to have a portable device that can provide such a function, then you may like to have the Thermaltake GOrb II handy.

The Thermaltake GOrb II is a portable device that can help keep your laptop cool when needed. It may be especially useful for those ultraportables that can sometimes get pretty hot inside the processor because of its slim profile. Having the Thermaltake GOrb II will surely help a lot. It is shaped like an orb that divides into two half-spheres when used. It comes with a pair of fans that provides some much needed air supply to the heating parts of your laptop.

The Thermaltake GOrb II is also designed to work as an ergonomic stand to provide users the most optimum position when using the laptop. Not only is the notebook it the best visual angle, it also helps keep the laptop at the most desired angle for comfortable typing. This device also comes with a blue LED light that shines through the fan when it is powered on, adding a bit of style to an otherwise so-so device. The Thermaltake GOrb II is powered via USB so users can make use of an available slot on their laptop. Its plug comes with a USB extender to provide another USB slot for other devices that the GOrb II is using instead. Bringing it along is a breeze since it also comes with its own protective casing. The Thermaltake GOrb II was just recently launched in Taiwan. Unfortunately, details regarding its availability and pricing has not yet been provided. That means you don’t have to get rid of those ice packs yet that you are using to cool your laptop.

Image Source: Thermaltake

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