There Came an Echo: Control this game with your voice

There Came an Echo

There Came an Echo

Voice-controlled video gaming is coming to PlayStation 4, as Iridium Studios introduce “There Came an Echo.” This crowdfunded strategy game, which will also be available on PC and Xbox, lets players order their team to perform tasks only using the player’s voice. Although the game can be controlled using the game pad, you would still need to bark commands to complete your missions.

Just like in the other consoles, the PS4 version uses a set of canned commands, which are expandable after game updates. You would not need a PlayStation Camera to play “There Came an Echo”; only the earpiece that came with Sony’s gaming console is enough.

Iridium Studios has yet to reveal when the game will be available in the PlayStation Store, although the PC release on Steam is being planned on October

Source: Engadget

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