Therapik Insect Sting Reliever

Therapik insect sting reliever

Therapik insect sting reliever

Summer is mosquito season and you need to be prepared for insect bites and stings when going outdoors. Wearing an insect repellant daily can help ensure that mosquito bites are lessened. But once you get bitten, you need to go through the process of having to deal with the itch and the swelling that comes with mosquito bites. But not anymore, if you have the Therapik Insect Sting Reliever.

The Therapik Insect Sting Reliever is a small portable handheld device that can help relieve those itchiness and swelling brought about by mosquito bites. It is a battery-powered device that makes use of heat to relieve the itchiness and swelling. Therapik actually is effective because it is based on a scientifically proven principle.

Most of the insect venoms are known as thermolabile, meaning that they are sensitive to heat. Therapik makes use of heat that is applied directly into the affected area in the skin in order to break down and neutralize the venom before it causes a reaction inside the body. This way, the venom doesn’t cause swelling and itchiness, an instant insect bite reliever. Therapik is available for purchase at their website for US$13.

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