The Year of The Tablet PC

The year 2010 seems to highlight the emergence of a unique and relatively new device in the market for tech gadgets. It seems to be the year when the Tablet PC’s are coming into the forefront and finally getting some attention.

Although it may be quite early to say if this trend is going to be a long one. It may even too early to say how it might change the way people look at the conventional PC. But the kind of attention that tablet PC’s today get both from the consumers as well as the companies that make them surely show that it might just have a bright future ahead.

The tablet PC is not entirely a new concept by any means. It has long been existing out there but haven’t been getting as much attention then as it has been getting now. The attention may be credited to Apple and with its launch of the new iPad. With a company known to introduce innovative products into the market, Apple gave the tablet PC market a big boost with its introduction of the iPad. So far, reception to this new Apple device has been quite energetic with sales for the iPad now reaching way over 2 million in a span of just several months.

The rising popularity of the Apple iPad has sent the tablet market into a sudden upward climb. Many companies are suddenly trying to develop their own tablet PC to introduce into the market after seeing what the iPad has been through. There’s the JooJoo which may have existed prior to the iPad launch but didn’t seem to take off because of legal problems being faced by its maker. Then there is the so-called Dell Android Tablet that doesn’t look anything like a tablet of the iPad standard due to its smaller form feature.

Probably one of the most resounding rumors in the tablet PC sector was Microsoft’s own entry into the market with a project for a device called Microsoft Courier. It is said to be Microsoft’s answer to what Apple was developing then that turned out to be the iPad. But sad to say, the Microsoft Courier project has since been known to have been shelved. That currently leaves the Apple iPad to stand alone in the growing tablet market for now. But like what was said, there are makers that are currently providing their own touch to what a tablet device should be and stand to compete with the iPad in the near future. But truly, 2010 may just become the year when the tablet devices were finally able to emerge and take claim to some parts of the market.

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