The World's Most Expensive Watches


No matter what the latest technology brings to us, some luxury observers say that only the more traditional "gadgets" like watches tend to appreciate over time. And they do not mean the silicon types of watches. They refer to the hand-crafted, mechanical watches that are usually less than accurate than their inexpensive, quartz movement counterparts. Nevertheless, these watches are costly to produce and never ceases to admire the modern-day watch enthusiasts. And these latest auctions involving watches prove how these traditional gadgets can be more expensive as time goes by. You cannot say the same thing on, say, an iPhone.

A Patek Philippe watch auctioned in May 4, 2008 at Sotheby’s and its was bought for an astounding 2.345 million Swiss francs (or US$2.157 million). At that time, the transaction made this watch the world’s most expensive gadget. What made this watch worth over 2 million US dollars? Its historical weight tips the scales.

The chronograph wristwatch, called the "Trossi Leggenda," was originally owned by Count Carlo Felice Trossi, an Italian race car driver who on his heyday raced for Mercedes Benz and Alfa Romeo, as well as became president of Scuderia Ferrari. He won the Italian Grand Prix in 1947 and the Swiss Grand Prix a year later. Sotheby’s said before the sale that the watch was one of "great symbolic and historic importance as it came out in 1932, a turning point which also saw car racing and the emergence of airplanes."

Patek Philippe wristwatch owned by Briggs Cunningham II, which became the world's most expensive watch in known history.

However, this record was beaten just a day later when another Patek Philippe wristwatch created in 1949 was sold at an astounding 4.137 million Swiss francs (or US$3.956 million). This stainless steel perpetual calendar wristwatch contains intricate mechanical movements such as the phases of the moon. This luxurious combination is a rarity, especially that no other manufacturer was able to make stainless steel watches with complex calendar mechanism before 1980. This particular unit, only one out of only six, was owned by Briggs Cunningham II, an American millionaire who was known for his lover for exclusive watches.

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