The World's First 160 Megapixel Digital Camera

Seitz D3

If you think that digital camera in your hands may already be the best that money can buy, the think again. You might not have heard of the Seitz D3 Digital camera. When most consumer digital cameras already can produce images in double digit mega pixels, this revolutionary camera is the first to provide a high resolution image in 160 mega pixels!

What few avid photographers have thought impossible has now come true. With the Seitz D3 Digital camera, wide-format digital photography is now made possible. A state of the art digital camera with a resolution of 7,500 vertical pixels and 21,250 horizontal pixels, this camera is capable of creating an incredible 160 mega pixel image. This resolution allows the creation of reproductions that can steel come out of very high quality. This new digital camera from Seitz is capable of producing images in a variety of different formats- 6×6, 6×9, 6×15 or a full 6×17 panorama.

The image result from the Seitz’s new offering is comparable to a one-shot digital or film back. This is made possible through the camera’s very high read-out speed of 300 MB per second . This is a hundred times faster than for any existing scan back. The fastest exposure speed of the camera is 1/2000 per pixel. This means that it only takes one second for the entire 6×17 scan to be made at full resolution.

With new and better surface sensors, the sensitivity of the Seitz D3 sensor is significantly higher. When compared to conventional scanning cameras, the sensitivity is increased by factor 100. When shooting directly into the sun, the digital camera sensor’s anti-blooming feature reduces glare and allows a clean image passage between highlights and lowlights. Advanced optimization algorithms developed by Seitz can further enhance images for ultimate image quality.

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