The Wonderbag Alternative To Your Slow Cooker

Slow cookers help users cook food the slow way. There are certain types of food like stews, curries, rice and soups that benefit from the slow cooking method. It helps bring out the flavor of the food in a way that other cooking methods cannot. Apart from buying your own slow cooker, there is an alternative in the Wonderbag that you might want to check out.

The Wonderbag is a unique tool for cooking that you can use while also saving energy. It looks like an oversized bag that comes with clever insulating properties that helps cook the food in a pot after being brought to a boil from a stove. It cooks food slowly by retaining the heat from the pot inside the Wonderbag.

The way to use the Wonderbag is simple. First, you need to put the food to a boil in a stove. Remove it and then place it inside the Wonderbag. Let it stand until food is served. The Wonderbag’s insulation traps the heat and lets the cooking process to continue even while the pot is off the stove. This way, users can save up on energy as well as money by using the passive approach to finishing up cooking using the Wonderbag. It also helps users time in waiting for the food to cook since putting it in the Wonderbag allows it to cook slowly without the risk of overcooking or burning. The Wonderbag is also ideal to have for camping or in places where stove use can be quite limited. This unique cooking tool is available at the Wonderbag site for 30 UK Pounds or around US$46. A reversible and larger version of the Wonderbag for camping costs 80 UK Pounds or around US$122.

Image Source: Wonderbag

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