The Wheelman V2 Gas-powered Skateboard

Wheelman V2Technology has enabled people to enjoy a more convenient life. It even lets them afford many ways of going from one point to another. Transportation has always been an important part of any society, whether it is going short distances or longer ones. But what will not fade away so soon in the future is the increasing choices of transport people can try out. Aside from cars, trains and airplanes, there are other unique options available for people, especially those who are looking for a mode of personal transport. The new Wheelman V2 Gas-powered Skateboard is just one of them.

The Wheelman V2 Gas-powered Skateboard is unique in that this is not something that you see every day. It is a skateboard that features a 50cc 2-stroke gas motor. It can run up to a max speed of 26 mph and can hold up to 195 lbs of weight. It can hold up to 1/4 gallon of gas that is good for a range of 30 miles. A hand throttle allows the user to control the skateboard as it speeds up in different types of terrain, which the Wheelman V2 Gas-powered Skateboard is designed for. Riders should always wear the proper gear, including a helmet, in order to ride this gas-powered skateboard safely. The Wheelman V2 Gas-powered Skateboard is available at the Wheelman site for $685.

Image Source: Wheelman

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