The Wall Mounted CD Player

Wall Mounted CD Player

Uniqueness may come as an advantage for some of the newer gadgets today. But how this may help gadgets become interesting enough may also depend on timing. It won’t be as clear as to how people may consider a rehashing of a previous gadget like the wall mounted CD player and how it may capture the gadget lover’s attention.

This wall mounted CD player seems quite simple enough as it is- the player can be mounted on walls and plays compact discs with the audio heard through its built-in speakers. The design is simple enough and not quite something to become excited about. On the other hand, one can look at its simple chic factor as a wall decor of some sort that doubles up as a CD player.

But then, even its very feature may not turn enough heads. In this age of flash drives, handy portable media players and iPhones, it is safe to think of compact discs as an outdated technology. Almost everyone has put their CD players at home and has changed to the cooler PMP’s of today. Even music files are now being stored in portable flash drives rather than in compact discs. That is where the wall mounted CD player may have fallen short. Its time may have already come and gone. People may consider checking out such a gadget maybe for sentimental concerns rather than pure interest. And with its price of US$178 at Muji, it may be quite a hard sell.

Image Source: Muji

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