The Vinge Table Lamp

Desk lamps are portable light sources that provide lighting to a room where it is needed. Not only that table lamps can also help provide design accents as well. In the case of the Vinge Table Lamp, it can provide both.

The Vinge Table Lamp is a stylish yet simple table lamp that looks as good as the light source that it is designed to be. It provides a good light source produced by its wide dome. Light intensity can be adjusted by using an attached wing on the lamp’s base that can be rotated 180 degrees. The Vinge Table Lamp also comes in a simple and yet stylish design that can help bring some character into a room it is placed in. Designed by Swedish design firm Note Design Studio, the Vinge Table Lamp remains a design concept for now. It might just someday be available in your favorite store as a commercial product.

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