The UFO Night Light

ufo night light

There’s something about alien night lamps that really freak us out. Maybe it’s the alien’s grotesque expression. Or maybe it’s the big black eyes or sthe shape of the head. An eerie night lamp may be a no-no in a little kid’s room. Some adults also don’t like the thoughts of these aliens always watching them as they fall asleep. But if you’re the type who wants a dark spooky room, you might enjoy the UFO Night Light created by Katsudesigns sold by the Etsy online marketplace.

The rule book for adults holds that dark creepy bedrooms must not be spine-chilling enough for night lights. However, rules are meant to be broken. So go and buy the UFO Night Light for only $40. The weird but cute UFO Night Light is handcut from aluminum sheet, ground, shaped, and painted with the addition of the colorful piece of plexiglass. You can buy the plexiglass part in three different colors: green, red, and blue (shown).

Even if you’re not afraid of dark rooms, you might need to order UFO Night Light (which measures 6"H 6"W 1"D) just so you don’t end up tripping when nature calls and you have to use the bathroom. But if you’re really not that comfortable with a UFO or an alien in your room, you can always buy a rocket ship, a robot, or a jet fighter night light for the same price.

Image Source: Etsy

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