The Triton 1000

Extremely Expensive Gadgets: The Triton 1000

If you are a water person and you have a thing for submersibles, then the Triton 1000 is for you. It is US Submarines’ newest creation. It showcases an "advanced, light weight, minimum volume, 2-person configuration engineered specifically for deployment from megayachts."

The Triton 1000 stands 1.8 meters tall, but is only 3.0 meters long – a perfect fit for most mid-level boat decks. This 2-man submarine weighs 3.3 tons so launching from existing davit systems is not a problem. At this size, it can easily be hauled behind a truck of SUV or shipped in standard container.

This submersible is designed to be highly visible while providing comfort and luxury with its leather seating and full AC.

The first ever Triton 100 was delivered to the 164′ yacht Mine Games in December 2007. It costs $1,690,000.

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