The Tower Makes Device Charging Convenient

The TowerOne of the common travails of a gadget-loving person is concerns about recharging gadgets. With devices having seemingly limited power, gadget lovers always have to deal with trying to recharge devices when needed. One of the more pressing concerns is looking for a power outlet to plug the charger in. An even worse scenario is if the power outlet is seemingly out of reach and you need to bend down to reach it. Not a very convenient task. Sadly, that seems to be the case even in most homes. But now you will not have to deal with such inconveniences if you have The Tower handy.

The Tower is a simple and yet very useful device for many gadget lovers out there. It’s crazy it took some time for someone to finally bring it to market. The Tower is a set of four AC power outlets built into a stylish stand. It also comes with 2 USB ports where users can recharge their devices without having to bend and reach out for an available wall outlet. And with an optional holder for different gadgets, The Tower makes for a convenient means of recharging different devices in one place. It is hassle-free in that you no longer need to get to hard to reach wall outlets just to recharge devices. Just plug The Tower into an available outlet and you can then move it around where you can conveniently plug in and charge your devices. Imagine having it at your bedside and always at arm’s reach. That is the beauty of having The Tower around.

The Tower also offers surge protection as you recharge your devices into it. There is also a general On-Off switch that provides power to the outlets and USB ports. It also comes with LED indicators as well as proper grounding to ensure that your devices are always safe as you recharge them. The Tower is available at The Art of Power website for $80.

Image Source: The Art of Power

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