The Touch Activated Cordless Lamp

Touch Activated Cordless LampPeople need lighting in different sorts of conditions. There are many different devices now available to help cater to these different lighting needs. One particular need is for a light source that can be versatile and yet be portable and convenient. This Touch Activated Cordless Lamp fits right into the bill.

The Touch Activated Cordless Lamp is a unique table lamp that provides 360 degrees of bright white light. Turning it on or off is convenient since users only need to touch the lamp anywhere on its frame. This beats trying to look for the on and off switch in the dark.

Not only that, the Touch Activated Cordless Lamp is also cordless. People can transfer the lamp from room to room and ensure that they always have a light source handy for reading or working on crafts without having to look for available power outlets to plug it into. This cordless lamp comes with 23 bright LED’s powered by three AA batteries. It can provide essential lighting for up to 120 hours. A three-stage dimmer allows users to adjust brightness. The lamp also turns off automatically after four hours of continuous use to conserve battery power in case someone forgets turning it off after leaving the room. The Touch Activated Cordless Lamp is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $40.
Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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