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In this age of high tech gadgetry, it almost seems that people can do almost anything. One interesting concept is the ability for people in the near future to have control over devices in their home even while they are away from it. People consider this as a start of the smart home. This idea may have already found its way in some of the devices today, even just as a basic feature such as turning appliances on or off while away. This is what the SwitchBox may be able to offer for the smart home of today.

The SwitchBox is an interesting yet simple device that allows homeowners to have the means to turn appliances on or off even while they are not at home. The SwitchBox can be used to provide a means of remotely controlling your home’s heating, lighting as well as air conditioning from anywhere in the world. You can turn on your air conditioning at home in a very hot day so that you feel cool when you get home. You can also check if you have left lights at home on or off from virtually anywhere. If you left them on, then you have the means to turn them off without having to go back home, saving you not only time but also money as you try to conserve energy costs.

The SwitchBox is able to handle 120V/60Hz max power as well as appliances running up to 1500watts/15Amps. Controlling the devices at home is made possible by the SwitchBox having its own SIM card for communicating with your smartphone via text. You can assign up to two devices for each SwitchBox to control. Each device has its own phone number that you can add into the contact list of your smartphone. You can then use text commands that you sent to a particular SwitchBox to turn a device connected to it on or off. You can also make use of the free app available for both compatible Android and iOS devices for a more convenient control. The Switchbox us a convenient system for you to have the means to turn devices at home on or off from a remote location. This handy device for the smart home is now available for US$299.

Image Source: SwitchBox

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