The Steam Cleaning Grill Brush

Steam Cleaning Grill BrushA barbecue party is always a memorable event. Whether it is a family affair or one for the boys, there is always fun, food and friends to experience and enjoy. However, for those who hold such parties, it may not always be fun afterwards. There is usually a lot of cleaning involved afterwards. The barbecue grill takes quite a lot of attention since it is harder to clean up. For those who are assigned with this cleaning task, the Steam Cleaning Grill Brush handy will be welcomed with open arms.

The Steam Cleaning Grill Brush makes it easy to clean up and remove those stubborn grill residues. This device makes use of steam in order to clean up those barbecue grates. The gadget features a chamber that holds up to two cups of water. There is a spout set within the bristles that releases the water into the hot grills, creating steam. The steam, along with the two heads of stainless steel brush, helps loosen up the grease and grime left as burnt food. The body is made from durable aluminum alloy. Its 18.25-inch length allows users to reach all areas of the grill easily. The bristle heads are removable so that they can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher. The Steam Cleaning Grill Brush is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$70.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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