The Spry Drone Flies, Floats, And Goes Underwater

Drones have become a dime a dozen with people now having lots of choices. It depends on what users require when they get one. There are drones that can fly as simply toys you control around. Other models come with high end cameras to give users high quality footage from up above. There are also drones that can go down underwater for great visuals beneath the sea. And then there is the new Spry drone that can fly, float, and even go underwater for a time.

Air And Water Drone

The Spry drone from SwellProUSA is a versatile drone unlike any other. One reason is that it can function in the air as well as in the water. It can fly in the air at speeds of 43 mph. This versatile drone is also waterproof and can float like a boat. It can also submerge like a submarine for a short time. The Spry comes with a self-contained 4K camera that captures video at 30 frames per second. It can also take 12 MP images as well. This drone can also wirelessly transmit video streams to multiple monitors simultaneously, aside from the display on the remote control.

Since the Spry can work on water, its remote control is designed to be waterproof and floats safely even when dropped on the water. The remote control comes with a 4.3-inch display that allows the user to view what the drone sees from the sky. Other features include having a 64GB memory and an interchangeable battery that allows the drone to fly 17 minutes at a time. The Spry drone is currently on a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter where interested parties can pre-order one for as low as $769. The first ones are expected to arrive sometime on December of this year. After that, the Spry is expected to be available for retail for around $989.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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