The Smoking Gun

Many people have that taste for something smoky. Be it a drink or food, some people just long to savor that smoky flavor whenever they can. And with the Smoking Gun handy, they definitely could.

The Smoking Gun is a device that can infuse those natural smoky flavors into foods and drinks. It is easy to use as well. Users just need to place their choice of wood into the smoking chamber where a built-in fan inside sucks out the smoke and into a tube. Users light up the wood chips in the smoking chamber until the smoke comes out from the tube. Users then only need to place the tube into foods or drinks that they want to imbibe that smoky flavor, cover it and let it stand for a few minutes.

The Smoking Gun is powered by 4AA batteries and comes with 0.5 oz jars of hickory and applewood smoking sawdust to start users on their way to adding that smoky flavor to their food or drink of choice. The Smoking Gun is available at the Williams-Sonoma site for US$119.

Image Source: Williams-Sonoma

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