The Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone

The Slow Playback Answering Machine TelephoneAs we get older, our senses are not as sharp as they used to be. We might experience diminished vision, hearing or find it difficult to process certain thoughts as we normally are used to. It can be a problem. Many seniors may experience this with today’s devices most of the time. Since they can be small, it becomes difficult to read the messages on the small screen. They can find it hard dialing numbers on the small keypad. That is why many seniors try to look for devices specially designed for their diminishing sensory capacities. One example is this Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone.

The Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone is something that many old people will like to have at home. First, it comes with a keypad with larger than normal numbers printed on bigger buttons. This makes it easier for senior users to “see” the numbers as they press them. Each button press is accompanied with an audio prompt to confirm what number is pressed. The buttons are also backlit by LED lights to increase visual clarity of the numbers even in dim-lighted surroundings. That is not the only reason why this telephone is so handy for seniors.

The Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone also comes with an answering machine that plays back messages slowly so that it is easier to comprehend, especially for older people. It presents the messages loud and clear, thanks to the built-in amplifier that can increase the call and message volume up to 50dB. The tone can also be adjusted for better clarity. Pressing the “Slow” button on the unit decreases the playback speed by 50 percent. The unit also features a bright ring light that blinks every time the phone rings for those hard of hearing. Other features include a built-in phonebook, one-touch speed dial buttons, and compatibility with hearing aids equipped with T-coil. The Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$170.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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