The SensorWake Awakens You With Pleasant Smells

SensorWakeEveryone wants to wake up in the morning in a pleasant mood. But most of the time, it may not be possible. Sometimes you wake up with a hangover and sometimes, grouchy from just a couple of hours of sleep. While they cannot always be avoided, you can always have something that will help you get out of that bad mood. Waking to pleasant and familiar smells can sometimes do that. Well, you can now do that on a regular basis with the SensorWake.

The SensorWake is a unique type of alarm clock if you ever see one. While other alarm clocks wake you up with bothersome buzzing sounds, light or vibration, this alarm clock will try to wake you up with pleasant smells. Just like how the smell of coffee can get you out of bed in the morning, the SensorWake will try to do that with using other pleasant and mood inducing smells. The SensorWake can be fitted with different smell capsules featuring a wide selection of scented perfumes that can diffuse in the room around the time you always try to wake up. you can choose from waking up to the smell of a delicious American breakfast of bacon and orange juice, a combination of a freshly made espresso with a hot croissant, the smell of the sea and freshly cut grass, or even the smell of money. Yes, some people easily wake up when they smell money.

But no matter what smell wakes you up in the morning, the SensorWake will make it a daily thing for you.

The world’s first olfactory alarm clock will wake you up within 2 minutes after its patented diffusing system releases those vigor-inducing smells in the morning. You usually set this unique alarm clock the same way you do other alarm clocks. You can then insert the scent of your choice labeled in different smell capsules that will wake you up the next morning. Each capsule can be used for up to 60 times before they need replacing. The scent diffusion will then start at the scheduled time. You can then experience every morning waking up to your favorite smells. And if you have a case of a stuffy nose in the morning, the SensorWake also comes with a sound alarm to wake you three minutes after the scent has diffused and you are still in bed. The SensorWake is currently conducting a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. A pledge of 80 Euros or around $90 will get you a SensorWake kit with one two-capsule pack of your choice. Estimated availability will be sometime this November.

Image Source: Kickstarter


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