The Samsung ST700 To Capture Your Kid's Attention

Taking pictures of young babies and kids can be quite a challenge. Getting them to face the camera when you are ready to take shots may be very difficult. Samsung may have found a unique and creative way to do so by using its Samsung ST700 Digital Camera.

Samsung has recently come out with its dual LCD displays for its digital cameras. Who knew that it can be quite useful having a front view display for capturing the attention of babies and kids? Yes, the Samsung 2View Cameras like the ST700 now comes included with 8 fun animations that can be played on the front display screen of the camera that can help get the attention of those young adorable camera subjects.

If that won’t be enough, users may also be able to record a 30-second clip if their own that might help catch the attention of that young baby or kid. Parents no longer have to come home with kid pictures with the subjects looking the other way. The Samsung ST700 Digital Camera equipped with fun animations will be available at Samsung this summer.

Image Source: Samsung

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