The Rockubot Smart Robot Kills Bacteria And Mites

Maintaining a clean environment at home or at work is very essential. It helps keep the home and office safe and livable. There are now smart robots that can help you maintain that level of cleanliness by cleaning your floors thoroughly. But many people may neglect keeping their beds, sofas, and even their tables just as clean. There is now the new Rockubot Smart Robot that will help you address that issue.

The Rockubot Smart Robot is a smart cleaning companion that can help you keep your home clean and sanitized. It mainly works on cleaning soft and uneven surfaces such as your bed and sofas, areas that current smart vacuum robots may not be able to clean. This smart robot sanitizes areas it passes through using 4UV-C lights built into it. The lights are effective into eliminating 99 percent of bacteria.

This smart cleaning robot can also kill those pesky mites and bed bugs using powerful ultrasonic waves. Sound waves higher than 20,000Hz emitted by the Rockubot deeply penetrates mattresses and sofas to repel and eliminate mites and bugs hiding beneath the surface at microscopic levels. The sound emitted is inaudible and harmless to humans and pets but can have a damaging effect on the auditory and nervous systems of mites and other similar microscopic bugs.

The Rockubot Smart Robot also comes with 24 smart sensors and a navigation system that allows it to thoroughly set a cleaning pattern that leaves no area it passes through unsanitized. It is designed to move even through the uneven surface of most beds. It can even move under blankets and continues to follow its set path, avoiding obstacles it finds along the way.

The Rockubot Smart Robot is an ideal cleaning companion especially for those who are always traveling or those who wish to always sleep on sanitized beds for some added peace of mind.

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