The REX-WIFISD1 Wireless Card Reader

Flash cards on mobile phones and other devices might be one of the most convenient ways of storing files. But still, having to access those file from one device to another can be a bit of a hassle. Using a card reader is the best option but you still need to deal with the cables and wires and everything else. The new REX-WIFISD1Wireless Card Reader from Japanese storage device maker RATOC Systems just made it a bit more convenient by doing away with wires.

The REX-WIFISD1Wireless Card Reader is a unique card reader in that it features its own WiFi hardware that allows wireless streaming of files from SD, SDHC and SDXC cards attached to it. Smartphones and other compatible devices can access its WiFi signal in order to access the data from a flash drive or a memory card attached to it. It is quite a simple and yet convenient device to have, especially if you often deal with memory cards whose files you need to access every now and then.

The REX-WIFISD1Wireless Card Reader comes with its own 3,000 mAh battery to power up its WiFi features. It is good enough to power the device for up to nine hours. Users can even use it as a backup battery to charge up their smartphones when power is needed. This unique WiFi Card Reader is available at RATOC Systems for around 7,980 Japanese Yen or around US$97.

Image Source: RATOC Systems

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