The Remote Controlled Cleaning Mop

Most people would find cleaning or tidying up around the house quite tedious. Even cleaning those floor scraps or picking them up can be a drag. That is one of the reasons why those robot vacuums have suddenly become quite popular. But what these devices might lack is the level of interactivity that humans can have with them, considering that they are robots. For those people who wish instead to add some interactivity fun into their unavoidable cleaning tasks, having this RC Sugoi Remote Controlled Cleaning Mop around will be quite close to achieving the objective.

The RC Sugoi Mop (“sugoi” is the Japanese word for “awesome”) is a unique cleaning hand mop that people would have fun using. That is because the RC Sugoi Mop comes with its own set of wheels to make it run around like a unique vehicle that cleans after itself. It also comes with a remote control that allows people to control the direction of where the Remote Controlled Cleaning Mop is heading. Put them together and you have a fun alternative to cleaning your way out of any mess in the home. Credit it to the Japanese to come up with unique fun gadgets like these. The RC Sugoi Mop is available at the Kyosho site for 2,079 Japanese Yen or around US$23.

Image Source: Kyosho

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