The QuickLock Bluetooth Padlock

QuickLockSecurity is always important to many of us. That is why we use different locks to try and safeguard our possessions and assets. It is also a way to make us feel more protected as home. Padlocks have always been at the forefront of making a home or any other property secure. But padlocks are still generally the same as they were years ago. One reason may be because of their enduring reliability as a security device. But it will also help if people have new options to look at when it comes to padlocks. One example will be the new QuickLock Bluetooth Padlock.

The QuickLock Bluetooth Padlock is a unique lock that users can open in a more convenient way. Instead of a physical key, the QuickLock can be opened by a compatible Bluetooth enabled device or by using wireless NFC or IR key ring and card. With its wireless capabilities, users only need to swipe or push a button in order to open the QuickLock. Using a smartphone, users may need an app download in order to open the QuickLock. Made of durable die cast zinc alloy, the QuickLock is virtually indestructible. It comes with a polymer battery that can last up to two years on a full charge. Using the QuickLock can help prevent people having to remember combinations or locating the right key to open the lock. The wireless convenience this new padlock offers a new twist in security that many people will welcome. The QuickLock is available at Oh Gizmo for $49.

Image Source: Oh Gizmo

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