The Popcorn Hand, For Those Who Hate Greasy Fingers

Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy comes up with a nifty gadget that has moving fingers to pick up a popcorn to eat. It replaces the need of having your fingers all greased up whenever you grab a handful of popcorn. And since it can only pick up one popcorn at a time, we can bravely say that it also controls your insatiable appetite towards carb-loading popcorn in a fun way!

Its fingers are positioned so that nothing touches the surface whenever you place it on a table, keeping the plastic fingers clean and hygienic. Check out this video to get an idea how it works.

The Popcorn No Te robotic hand costs only 699 yen (about US$8) and is available at different online retail outlets, including Amazon.

Source: IT Media, via CrunchGear

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