The Pocket Shot

Pocket ShotSlingshots have a long history of being used as an ancient weapon. But through the years, it also became some sort of a toy that even kids can play with. But it is a toy that is only ideal for kids responsible enough to know right and wrong. Because some people find it fun, some adults still try to play with slingshots just to relive those fun and exciting times in the past. While there is a typical design for slingshots that many people can recognize, there are also others that take on a unique look. The Pocket Shot is just one of them.

The Pocket Shot is a unique looking type of slingshot that comes in a patented circular design. But before people think otherwise, this is not a toy. It is designed for hunters as well as recreational shooters. It is ideal because users can carry it around in their pockets, bag or backpack when not in use. Its watertight compartment also serves as a convenient way to store ammo, which are typically steel shots. But the Pocket Shot can also use marbles, slugs, paintballs and other similar round objects as projectiles.

The Pocket Shot can easily shoot up to two to three times faster than a regular slingshot. It can also shoot projectiles at a rate of 275 feet per second. The rubber pouches are durable and replaceable. Added accessories are also available to allow the Pocket Shot to shoot arrows. The Pocket Shot is available at their website for $25. Replacement parts, shots and other accessories are also available for purchase.

Image Source: Pocket Shot

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