The Pet High Chair

More pet owners are bringing their dogs and cats while strolling in public places.  And when the humans want to eat out, their animal friends may not like the feeling of being stuffed into a small bag or struggling to balance on the master’s lap.

To treat pets deservedly as part of the family, then put up a high chair specifically made for animal lovers.  Simply fasten the pet high chair on tables up to 2 inches thick, then adjust the height until your pet is at eye level.

The high chair is framed with powder-coated 5/8-inch steel tubing, while the arms are rubber coated to prevent scratches on the table, and its 600-denier nylon fabric is easy to clean.  Two tethers are included to protect you and your dinner guests of any “lapses in etiquette.”

The pet high chair is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for only US$49.95 .

Source:  CrunchGear

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