The Pacer Suit: Hear the Music with Every Move

Pacer Suit, a musical suit that creates music out of your own body movement.

Ever wondered what your own theme song would sound like? You can get yourself someone to compose the song for you, or having to piece the music together yourself. However, it is possible that you may achieve making your own music even without learning how to play musical instruments. All you have to do is to put on a suit, move your body, and let the music come out on its own.

The Pacer Suit is a design concept that receives electric impulses that appear when muscles are activated, amplifies them, and turns them into music or sound effects with the help of sensors attached to the muscles. Each impulse goes through the sensors via amplifiers to control panels where you can control the volume, type of sound, and beats per minute.

At first glance, it looks like a light-colored motion capture suits that have become a basic tool in animated feature films and video games with high-end graphics. If things go on as planned, the Pacer Suit can either make self-contained music using onboard amplifiers and speakers, or communicate wirelessly through infrared with a control console. From there, the sounds would be assigned and amplified according to the wearer’s artistic choices.

Once you put on the Pacer Suit, all you have to do is dance and you create a soundtrack of your life, releasing sounds and notes out of your own body movement. These sounds can be heard either through headphones connected to the control panel, or through speakers connected to the panel by infrared rays. Imagine how the sound would differ if you put the suit on a breakdancer, then on a belly dancer.

Others may think that the Pacer Suit is all for fun. Beyond its entertainment value, it has enormous stimulating power, which can be quite efficient for therapeutic treatments involving muscle stimulation and body movement as a whole.

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