The Oregon Trail: American Settler Android Game App

Some people are fascinated with history and how they sometimes led to what today’s world has become. In the US for example, it would really be quite fascinating to know just how the early settlers have come to build the country as it is today. It was certainly quite an adventure back then. For those who have this fascination with US history, one game that they would particularly find interesting is the Oregon Trail: American Settler game app for Android devices.

The Oregon Trail: American Settler is an interesting historical game where players get to become the early American settlers who are about to set camp on the Oregon frontier. The journey is accomplished but the hard task of establishing the settlement begins. Players of the game now have the chance to build their own frontier town by adding buildings, animals, crops and making sure that the people in the town feels happy. There are challenges to face as the new frontier comes with certain hazards such as bandit attacks, buffalo stampedes and hurricanes that may instantly change the fortunes on the town. It is up to the player to try to prepare and protect the town from such surprises. The Oregon Trail: American Settler is a game app that would appeal to players who like building communities from scratch and watch it grow. This game app is available at Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play

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