The Nomad Suitcase

Nomad SuitcaseMany people consider themselves as globetrotters as a result of the job they have. Going from one place to another seems like a fun and interesting profession. But those who are frequent business travelers will tell you that it is not always exciting. Delayed and missed flights, overnight airport stays or simply being stranded somewhere can be a regular but unwanted experience. Boredom and helplessness can sometimes ruin the experience. The necessity to do something while in such situations can help turn the tide somewhat. For busy frequent travelers who wish to become productive even during layovers, delayed flights or extended airport stays, the Nomad Suitcase can become a useful accessory to have along.

The Nomad Suitcase is not just your typical luggage where you can put all your essential travel items to bring with you wherever you go. This unique luggage can transform into a portable work area whenever one is needed. The Nomad Suitcase can be set up to provide users with a portable desk and bring out a folding stool when one is needed. The desk is sturdy enough to place a laptop or other work related stuff in. It becomes useful during trips where business people become stranded at the airport and with nothing to do. The Nomad Suitcase at least can provide people with a way to stay productive or use the time to their advantage instead of simply mulling around in hopeless abandon until their flight arrives and takes them to another location. The Nomad Suitcase is made by Bibi Lab and is available at Japan Trend Shop for $312.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop

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