The Nintendo Wii

The key aspect of the Wii’s gaming experience that sets it apart is that the main control comes in the form of a motion sensing ‘Wiimote’ – instead of joysticks and buttons.

Employing a TV-mountable sensor that can detect movement in three dimensions, Wii games are built principally around controlling onscreen activity by moving the Wiimote through the air, with the result being far simpler gaming than seen on the Sony Playstation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360.

It is obvious that the Nintendo Wii stands out as a game console. This is one of the only consoles that have gained the interest of people of all ages. I personally know of Grandparents who have bought the console to add much needed fun and activity to their home. I also know children from the age of three who have been able to enjoy the console as well.

The Nintendo Wii serves as a great game console for young couples as well. A little competition is fun and fun always leads to good things! Plus a game at the house with a nice dinner and wine is a great date and cheap one at that!

Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo

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