The New T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone

T-Mobile G1, the first mobile phone with Google Android operating system

Long time referred to Googlephone or HTC Dream, T-Mobile G1 is introduced in New York on September 23.  The mobile phone would not be available in stores until late October 2008.  The G1 is the first phone that uses Google Android, a software platform for mobile phones that runs on Linux operating system.

The G1 can be described as a combination of the iPhone and the Blackberry.  On the exterior, T-Mobile G1 comes with a sliding QWERTY keypad underneath that Blackberry users may find attractive.

Just like the uber-popular iPhone, the T-Mobile G1 comes with a wide touchscreen and can pretty much manage your e-mail and browse the Internet.  But what makes the G1 really special is that your one-time phone registration is automatically synchronized with your Google account.  This makes adding phone contacts, for instance, easier to manage because these are also saved in your computer and vice versa.  So even if you lose or break your phone, you can still retrieve the data on your new phone by simply logging into your Google account. 

Another unique feature that G1 has is the "screen lock" function, wherein you unlock your phone by touching the screen and drag your finger to create a pattern, which acts like your password.  The phone also features a drag-down status bar that contains all of your notifications from new text messages, e-mail, calendar events, instant messages among others, without getting in the way. 

You can also search addresses using Google map search, and if you use the street view you can actually get to have a 180-degree view of the location by simply moving your phone from left to right.

Other cool features included in the T-Mobile G1 are the 3MP camera, customizable home screen, and a music player that can store up to 1GB of music.

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