The New Criterion Collection Website Looks Forward to HD Streaming

The New Criterion is a monthly review of the arts and the intellectual life; it brings together renowned young critics who are quite inept in providing us with the most incisive criticisms. If you are an avid follower of the New Criterion, good chance that you are also familiar with their website newcriterion.The website contains blogs and reviews. It also features books and other reading materials.

Streaming audio and video is now very much part of the big picture. Due to the upsurge of technology, digital downloads through High Definition Streaming is now a possibility that the people behind the New Criterion are considering. Albeit, they are still in the process of figuring out how they would go about the downloading scheme, they have already disclosed that their new website will cover this stuff. According to a source, the HD feature which will be adapted by the New Criterion will be available through their website in a few months.

The New Criterion has decided to keep its followers in the dark. For now, we assume that video teasers and shorts are the sort of stuff that will be available for downloads, excluding full films. We can simulate all we want, but we do hope that the excerpts that would be available for downloads would have great sound and video quality.

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