The New Apple TV, Now US$99

Just when you though anything Apple could cost a fortune, Steve Jobs has unveiled an updated Apple TV that now costs US$99. The new Apple TV provides streams of your favorite episodes, all enclosed in a small matte black casing that looks similar to a hockey puck. It features HDMI, Ethernet, optical audio, USB plugs at the back, and WiFi.

It has some drawbacks, though. The Apple TV has no local storage, therefore relying on “cloud” for content. Streaming HD TV episodes from ABS and Fox can be rented for 99 cents each, while fresh HD-quality movies are available for $4.99. Users can also enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, Mobile Me, and Rotten Tomatoes.

The best news, meanwhile, is that the new Apple TV will start shipping four weeks from now. If you still prefer the old version with a 160GB hard drive, it still is available for $149.

Source: Engadget

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