The Most Expensive States for Speeding Tickets

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Getting to know what states hand out the highest fines for speeding can make the careful driver even taking great care when going on a trip to another state. The charges for speeding alone may be enough to help one take a second look at flooring that pedal on the highway, even when no one’s looking.

According to an article in and based on the numbers provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, here are the top five states that give out the highest fines and penalties for speeding:

Georgia – Georgia sets a maximum fine of a thousand dollars for first time speeding violators. Not only that, a jail sentence that can go as long as a year may also await violators. A conviction for reckless driving brings a mandatory license revocation for six months for a first offense.

Illinois – The maximum fine in this state is also a thousand dollars for the first speeding offense. Illinois is also one of the 25 states in the US that institutes a point system for license suspensions and revocations. When a driver piles up the points over time, this will usually mean an increase in fines and insurance rates.

Nevada – Although this state is known for its gambling, it sure doesn’t gamble when it comes to handing out speeding tickets. The state also hands out a maximum fine of a thousand dollars for a first time offense on top of also being a point system state like Illinois. In Nevada, racking up too many points can result to a license suspension for six months and up to a year. For frequent speeding violators, too many points bring a maximum six-month jail sentence that goes with the fine.

New Hampshire – Maximum fine of a thousand also applies for first time speed offenders in this state. But drivers have to take more careful note of their speed in selected areas. Drivers can be handed out tickets if they don’t stay below 10 mph of the stated speed limits when driving in school zones.

North Carolina – As with the other states mentioned, North Carolina also hands out a maximum penalty of a thousand dollars in fines to first time violators of the state’s speed limit. In addition, speed limit offenders can also be jailed for up to 60 days.

A special mention can go to the state of Virginia which might have probably the highest fines for speeding tickets for first offenders.

Its a good thing that this only applies to the residents of the state. Fines can go as high as USD1,350 for the first speeding ticket after passing a surcharge of USD1,050 for state residents on top of the USD300 speeding ticket. For local residents in Virginia, this makes it as the most expensive fine for a speeding ticket.

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