The Mechanical Dish Rack

People nowadays seem to be looking for more and more space. Things accumulating in the home tend to occupy space over time. And in the kitchen, cramped spaces usually lead to an unorganized and messy area in no time. When lack of space is an issue, having this handy Mechanical Dish Rack in the kitchen may help you become more organized without having to need that much space to do so.

The Mechanical Dish Rack from OXO International is a unique but handy flat piece of folding hard plastic device. What may look ordinary for some might someday be the popular gadget that it has become. It comes with a movable platform that, when pulled out, causes small and lined plastic protrusions to come out that act as a dish rack and wine glass holder. The Mechanical Dish Rack is the brainchild of designer Sally Rumble  and offers a unique solution for some quick organizational fix in the kitchen. No pricing details or availability has yet been provided for this nifty kitchen device.

Image Source: Cargo Collective

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