The Mahaton Bottle Sterilizes Water And Then Itself

Getting safe drinkable water is not as easy for many people. Some in the modern cities have better access to drinking water. But it may not be as easy for the other people to get the drinking water they need. A water supply may be contaminated with germs and microbes, making it always a risk of drinking water from such sources without trying to sanitize it. That will not become a problem with the new Mahaton Bottle around. 

The Mahaton Bottle may look like a typical water bottle, but it does more for you than just as a water storage device. Built into the Mahaton Bottle is a 275nm deep UV Chip and LED that emits UV-C light. Studies and experiments have shown that bacteria and other microorganisms exposed to UV-C light dies out as it breaks down DNA and RNA strands of organisms exposed to it. It does the same to water stored inside the Mahaton Bottle. It sterilizes the water from harmful bacteria and virus, making it safer to drink. 

The Mahaton Bottle also cleans itself, allowing users to reduce their use of harmful chemicals. Aside from that, this unique water bottle also comes with wireless charging technology to make its use convenient and practical. The Mahaton Bottle makes use of green technology, allowing people to reduce their use of harmful plastic water bottles in protecting the planet. This unique water bottle is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $44 each. It is expected to be available around September of this year.  

Image Source: Kickstarter            

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