The Lumigon T3 Defines What A Premium Smartphone Should Be

premium smartphone

premium smartphonePeople have different perceptions when it comes to choosing smartphones. Some consider design and styling as important. Others consider function first more than form. There are also others that choose smartphones based on their popularity in the market, regardless of form and function. And then there is also a select bunch that go for premium features and a higher level of exclusivity. If you are part of the latter crowd, then this new Lumigon T3 Premium Smartphone may appeal to your discriminating senses.

The new Lumigon T3 boasts of features that many smartphones people consider as premium can only dream about. It features a simplistic yet elegant Scandinavian design that oozes with style using premium materials in glass and steel. It also does not scrimp even in terms of durability as this premium smartphone is built to last. It is pretty durable that you can even use it while under the rain or in all weather conditions for that matter.

In terms of innovative features, the Lumigon T3 does not disappoint. It comes with a 360-degree fingerprint reader for convenience and better security. The T3 also comes with BackTouch technology that allows users to scroll up and down or use the flash using the back of the smartphone for convenient one-hand operation and selfies. It comes with a Dual nano SIM support that features a hotswap function, allowing users to switch nano SIM cards without turning the smartphone off, truly an ideal phone for business travelers who frequently switch SIM cards. It also comes with a Vault feature where users can store confidential information protected by AES 256-bit encryption.

Inside the Lumigon T3 also comes loaded with hardware features. This premium smartphone is powered by an ultra-fast 2.2GHz 64-bit Octa-core processor. It also comes with a 3GB RAM and runs on the android 6.0 OS. Its 128GB internal memory provides more than enough storage space for data. For the avid photographer, the Lumigon T3 features a 4K HD back camera and a 2K front camera, both with flash features. Not only that, the smartphone also comes with a 2K night vision sensor, allowing capture of photos and videos even in total darkness.

The Lumigon T3 is truly a premium smartphone for people who look for exclusivity, a smartphone that makes one stand out from the crowd. Aside from its availability in different colors and in its stainless steel version, there is also a special 24K limited edition Lumigon T3 for those who are really from the select group with money to throw away. It is currently available at Lumigon and in select exclusive retailers in the Netherlands, Russia, Dubai and in airports around the world. Its stainless steel version can be had for 645 Euros or around US$703. That’s the price you pay for exclusivity.

Image Source: Lumigon

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