The Lounger by Hoverit

Extremely Expensive Gadgets: The Lounger by Hoverit

From Brit company Hoverit Ltd. comes "The Lounger", the first product off their revolutionary magnetic, ‘hover’ furniture line.

Precision engineered and handmade, the Lounger levitates by using repelling magnetic forces at the bed and at the base. It can be moved by using small castor wheels.

The lounger comes in clear acrylic to give it that futuristic feel, plus it enables you to see all its components. However, Hoverit Ltd offers alternative colors for an extra fee. Its dimensions are: 2m x 1m x 1m.

The Lounger come in four types, each with different shaped holes in the seat part, as well as anti-scratch mat options: circles, hearts, droplets, or slots.

Avail of the Lounger for $13,366.

Image source: Hoverit Ltd

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