The Livio Carmen Internet Radio Player

Even the radio is getting some help from some new tech. Satellite radio has become quite common. It may be quite a loss for those whose cars may only have conventional radios installed. It is a good thing there is the Carmen Internet Radio Player from Livio Radio.

The Carmen Internet Radio Player is simply a means for people to listen to AM/FM radio as well as to MP3 files and recorded programs from Internet radio stations via this special FM transmitter device. The Carmen can be synched up from the PC or Mac to record radio programs from the Internet in a convenient manner. The Carmen can also be synched up from an iTunes account to drag and drop music into the device. All these can then be played using the Carmen as a transmitter to bring the music right into your car stereo or even from your mobile phone or MP3 player.

The Carmen Internet Radio Player can be plugged into a car’s 12 volt adapter. It already has a built-in software to allow it to sync up with a PC or Mac. The Carmen Internet Radio Player is available at Livio Radio for US$60.

Image Source: Livio Radio

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