The Light Phone

Light PhoneTechnology has certainly made modern life more convenient. But at the same time, technology also makes it quite complicated. Take having a smartphone for example. People no longer just use it to make phone calls. It has also become a center of entertainment and activity for many people, even to the point of becoming a major distraction. Friends or family members no longer interact while being together because they would rather check what they can do on their smartphones- listen to music, read the news, go online, check out their social networks, play games and much, much more. In a way, leaving the smartphone may be a good solution to making life simpler and less distracting again for many people. This is one of the aims of the Light Phone.

The Light Phone is simply a mobile phone stripped down to its basic features. You can say it is a dumb phone, as what most people call basic feature phones nowadays. But the Light Phone is designed to be quite convenient to bring along anywhere. This mobile phone is only the size your credit card and almost just as thin. It comes with the most basic of features such as a touch keypad module, a dot matrix LED display, volume control, a SIM card slot and a micro USB port. People can use the Light Phone to simply make calls and nothing else.

The Light Phone aims to keep life simple and less distracting for people who find their smarthphones quite indispensable. It can help make life less distracting by enabling people to bring along a basic phone with no other features but to make and receive calls. People can now leave their smartphones behind when going out by having the Light Phone instead. People can bring back some simple and less distracting living by having the Light Phone handy. Using an accompanying app, users can even divert phone calls from your original smartphone and into the Light Phone. It can be a great back up phone that you can use simply as a device to make and receive calls. It is currently going through a Kickstarter campaign where a pledge of $100 can get you one. Expected delivery of the first units will be on May of 2016.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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