The Leap Input Device For Computers

While the computers have gone through many advances in technology, the input peripherals such as the PC mouse used to navigate around the PC screen has largely remain the same. Although there are now some wireless varieties available, there is no new device that is expected to replace this long-standing peripheral. But that may be about to change with the development of the Leap.

The Leap is a unique device that allows users to navigate through the display screen and issue action commands by simply using gestures in the air. It is an elongated iPod-like device that makes use of Leap Motion Technology to control swipes and gestures and translate the movement as actions that can be used to navigate through what’s is on the display screen. What the technology does is create a 3D interaction space between you and the computer.

There are also other gestures on the Leap device that can translate into other functions useful when browsing online or in other tasks. It is able to track motion for up to 1/100th of a millimeter. It also proves accurate even when used as a gaming controller for computer games. It is even simply to use as it readily attaches to the USB port of a PC. All that is readily available for use by the time the Leap early next year. For the moment, you can check it out at the Leap Motion site and avail of it for pre-order at an expected price of US$75.

Image Source: Leap Motion

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