The iWallet


If you are increasingly worried about losing your wallet with all its valuable contents now and then, then you should better find a good way to make them even more secure. You might consider adding some high tech gadgetry to something that you bring along with you daily that you need to keep safe and secure all the time. In order to keep your cash and credit cards well-protected even if you misplace them somewhere, you might want to check out the new iWallet.

Just like any conventional wallet, the iWallet is primarily used as a good compact storage space for your valuable cash and credit cards. But one thing makes it more special- only you will be able to open it up. The iWallet makes use of fingerprinting identification technology for security. It will only open when it recognizes the owners fingerprint. This high tech wallet is made of tamper resistant materials that makes its contents more secure from being taken out.

The iWallet can also be linked through your mobile phone via Bluetooth. When the iWallet and your phone is separated at a distance of 15 to 30 feet away, a loud alarm will go off, alerting you that you may have either left your iWallet or mobile phone behind or if a pickpocket has taken them. There are various models of iWallets to choose from and is available from US$300 to $600, depending on the model and the materials used.

Image source: iWallet USA


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