The iRiver Slick Spinn PMP

iRiver slick spinn PMP

A slick MP3 player has been causing optimal levels of excitement to tech-savvy music junkies. It’s a good thing that the cause of their excitement is well worth the adrenaline rush.

IRiver is just about ready to launch its Slick Spinn PMP, a superb and innovative music player with a 3.2" screen that displays images and videos that are of excellent quality. It also boasts of top sound attributes and a great audio file format support.

To say that the anticipation over the release of the iRiver Slick Spin PMP is well-placed would be an understatement because aside from its first-class sound and visual qualities, this player also sports a built-in microphone, TV out, FM tuner, optional Bluetooth, and optional DMB and DVB-H. Even so, this gadget also has its fair share of shortcomings. These are inclusive of its non-expandable memory, a rather short-spanned battery life, and its inaccessibility for one-handed usage.

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