The iRiver P10 Multi-functional MP3 Player

iRiver P10

The P10 multi-functional mp3 player was recently launched by the well-known mp3 player producer, iRiver. It may not look like most conventional mp3 players out there since it has a good 4-inch touchscreen display to begin with. The P10 also comes with a number of other functions that complement its unique design.

At first glance, the new iRiver P10 may look like a small TV receiver with its rather large LCD screen display with 800 by 480 maximum resolution. What it offers is both an audio as well as a video player in one. It can play mp3 files as well as reproduces video files in WMV, MPEG, DMB and even the GUI formats, the latter of which was developed for its writing recognition function.

Its generous 33 GB of internal memory makes it more than capable of storing hours and hours of both audio and video files in such a small and handy gadget. What’s more, the iRiver P10 can even be used to read PDF, Word and even Excel files, making it more versatile when it comes to other mp3 players out there.

Image Source: AkihabaraNews

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