The iPod Nano Turns Into a Wristwatch

The newest square design of the iPod Nano appears like a wristwatch without a strap, so why not make it a little too obvious? Several attempts have been made to incorporate the iPod Nano to a watch. Many have failed, but this one somehow hits to spot.

The Hex watch band lets you just snap the Nano right into it and poof, it’s a watch. Buttons for controlling the player protrude from the band’s side, turning it into a media player that incidentally tells time. There is also a hole to plug in your headphones, but since the player is now attached to your wrist, you have to put the cord through your sleeve or get used to having a cord dangling on your side.

However, with the Nano’s short battery life, you cannot use it as a watch for a full day. And unlike many wristwatches, it is not water resistant.

You can buy it for only US$24.95.

Source: CrunchGear

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